You Know You Get Me High, Won’t You Take Me for a Ride

Because he inspires me to be a better person every day. Te amo mucho, mi amor.

Photography and post-production by yours truly

Experimenting with the tripod and playing around with colour curves on a lovely Sunday morning! Comments and critique most welcome.

I wanted to capture the essence of the morning after, stirring and waking up in the warm, comforting embrace of your loved one, tangled up in between the sheets. Bare-faced, bed hair, skin on skin. Stripped naked and au naturel, figuratively speaking of course. The tenderness and sublimity of expressing amour and the unadulterated affection, delightfully indulging in each other’s presence and company.

Most people think we are at our most vulnerable here, but I personally believe it is also this time when we are strongest and at our most beautiful, being our genuine selves, unguarded and unarmed. Synonymous to a glass cannon of sorts, perhaps. No masks, no barriers, no judgements – just sheer, unveiled authenticity in its purest form, flaws and all.

Sharing and spreading the love, sweet love, because this world definitely needs more of it. ♥

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PS. On another note, I’m back in the blogosphere, baby!


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