Fashion Against AIDS 2012

I love fashion. I do, and especially so when it’s paired with a good cause. Needless to say, I was completely captivated by H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS campaign this year. It’s sexy, suggestive and just this side of raunchy, provocatively conceptualising the whole Make Love, Not War notion while raising awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst youth.

Daaamn (just had to add that).

Credits to H&M
Photographed by Dan Martensen

The collection was released on the 26th of April 2012, both online and at selected H&M stores. For every purchase, 25% of the funds is donated to HIV/AIDS prevention, including the United Nations Population Fund, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, YouthAIDS and Designers Against AIDS. So fight (or in this case, spend) for a generous cause – I know I’m planning to get myself a signature T-shirt!

Or if you’d prefer, you can kiss for a good cause. $1 is donated to HIV/AIDS prevention for every smooch uploaded. It’s such a lovely (and interesting!) concept, I’ve to say. You can even send a make out request, inviting someone to join and support Fashion Against AIDS 2012. Tens of thousands of couples have already participated and added their snogs – it’s love all around here, baby. So sign in. Make out.

..and of course, I do love fashion films too. Alternatively, you can watch the official commercial (or fashion film) in high definition here.


I’m now wanting to do a Fashion Against AIDS-inspired series of shoots, similar to and inspired by the H&M campaign this year. Except this time, I want to be the one behind the lens. I’ve already gotten two couples and a few individuals who are willing to get all steamy in front of the camera, but if you want in too, do tell! Preferably couples unless you’re alright with kissing and being all sexy with an absolute stranger – which is pretty kinky, admittedly. *eyebrow wiggle

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