I love how you greeted me in King’s Cross with a single red rose, the warmest hug, and that smile – the one that lights up your whole face and makes your eyes sparkle. I love your height, how you simply tower over me and how I can just tuck my head under your chin nicely. I love your charisma, your confidence, and the way you carry yourself – always positive and looking on the bright side of life. I love how comfortable you are with yourself, and with me. I love how we are both such big eaters, and how we always tend to over-order, stuffing ourselves crazy. I love the way you look at me, and how you would from time to time give me one of those cheeky winks that makes my heart skip a beat. I love how you simply walk up to the mirror in your room to check yourself out, to dance, or just to give your hair a little tousle. Peacock. I love how you make me laugh all the time, especially when you turn that swagger onnn. I love how we always try to best each other in gaming, and how we would each distract the other to get the upper hand. But I love how we are essentially a team, regardless of how many times we kick each other’s bums in Tekken. I love how you love scaring me, and then trying to make it up to me by hugging me tightly. I love how you pull me onto your lap even though there is space for me to sit on the couch. I love how we wrestle about, trying to tickle one another but always ending up almost falling off the bed every single time. I love how you tend to fall asleep on Skype at times, and how you try to deny it afterwards, burying your face into your pillow. I love how much you love your suits, and how deliciously dapper you look in them. Mraow.

I love how chivalrous you are with me, and how you would always offer me your coat whenever you see me shiver, even though you know you would end up being cold in the process. I love how we can have long, intimate conversations until the wee hours in the morning, and how we can talk about absolutely ridiculous bollocks for the same amount of time. I love how we are when we dance together – the energy, the connection, the spark, and how everything else around us just melts away. I love the little things you do, like calling me from the docklands in London just because I was getting a little emotional about leaving Aberdeen after university. I love how playful we are together, teasing and picking on each other just for the fun of it. I love how safe and warm I feel in your arms, and how you stroke my hair to sleep, nuzzling my head affectionately. I love how you curse in disgruntlement when things do not go your way in a game, and how you would come to me for comfort following that. I love how we can have quiet times together, be it wandering around London town hand in hand at night or just lying in bed all snuggled up under the covers, doing absolutely nothing but indulging in each other’s company.

I love how much you have grown throughout these five wonderful years of knowing you, and I could not be prouder, happier. I love how you have reignited the passion and fire in me – for life, for love, for everything, and how you have taught me so much. I love how you take me out of my comfort zone, so I can grow and flourish even more. I love how you are like my best friend as well, and how you are always there to give me a good kick whenever I need it. I love how we never stop exploring, discovering, and learning, growing as individuals, and as a couple. I love how we have so much in common, and yet have so many different interests too. I love how you make me smile like crazy, and how you make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I love how every day feels like the very first day of our relationship, and how we celebrate every second we have together. I love how we both want the best for each other, and how we make the best of everything we have. I love your little surprises, and how we love without fear. I love how we can be anything, and everything we want to be. I love how I am a part of your life, and how you are a part of mine. I love how special you are to me, and how I am to you.

Most of all,

I love how you love me, and how I love you.

W Hotel, London

(just a temporary picture for now until I get a better one!)



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