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#nowplaying Take You by Christian Hoff and Lily McKenzie

Just a quickie! I treated myself to a little something (because I’ve to pack for London for the rest of the day) courtesy of the 2012 annual summer sale after finding out about the brilliant news this morning,

Indulging in my obsession with black and gold: Gold snake anklet from Miss Selfridge, black and gold wallet from River Island.

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Morning, beautiful world. Yesterday, I woke up to the best news – I’m now a university graduate with an LLB behind my name, and my winter graduation now awaits. Come tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving the Silver City for London.

Until November, Aberdeen. I had a wonderful three years with you, and you’ve opened my eyes to the world. I love you.

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Originally written: 15.05.12

#nowplaying Top of the World by The Cataracs featuring Dev

Bits of my latest spoils: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a chunky gold bracelet with jewel charms from H&M, issue twenty-six of POP (a newfound love!).

I discovered POP just very recently on a trip to town and was immediately pulled in by its three hundred-over pages – if there’s anything better than an intelligent fashion magazine, it’s a thick, intelligent fashion magazine. Despite the fact that it’s a twice-yearly publication.

In a rapidly changing world, POP magazine is a leader, not a follower. With a bold, international perspective and an understanding that the cultural and business landscape is being dramatically rewritten, POP looks to join the dots and celebrate the world’s key creatives. POP has been touted as a ‘super glossy’, with an established reputation for visual innovation and splendour. Fashion and its related universe is a prism through which so much of contemporary creativity, as well as the evolving celebrity culture, ends up being refracted. But fashion also reflects many universal human desires and dreams that hold the key to making sense of a world where the only certainty now is change. POP is the magazine the international catwalk creatives look to for a fresh perspective on all that is new and truly exciting in work, leisure and travel. It celebrates art, design, retail, adventure, pop culture, pop music and much more in our rapidly shifting world. POP is smart and it looks to celebrate both interior spaces and outerspace. Change is good, change is inevitable, change is now.

How can you not love its manifesto?

I still have yet to sink my teeth into it as I’ve been caught up with studying for my papers, but the features and editorials looked delectable enough to tempt me into a quick flip-through: Dior VS Art, Moon Portraits, POP China: Fast Lane, Report I: Beauty Orientalism, Report III: Fur China Pelted (as in the picture above), POP Chinatown: New York, Moon Rocks, Moon Dust is Icing Sugar, Crescent, Lunatique, Nitewalker, just to name (a little more than) a few. I simply adore their wordplay, and I love how they took the moon and Chinese influences as the inspiration behind this issue. ‘Marie Piovesan, super-smart Aquarius, in the age of Vuitton’s candy sex fairytales.’ Mm, it doesn’t get any better than that.

POP heavily reminds me of LOVE, another one of my favourite biannual fashion reads,

LOVE is a twice-yearly compendium of inspiration – for designers, for artists, for anyone looking for visual ideas; for anyone who loves fashion and design so much that they want to climb inside the heads of their heroes. Fashion is part of a creative cross-cultural dialogue and, for this reason, LOVE opens its readers to the most exciting developers in music and art as well as fashion to reveal the shape of tomorrow’s aesthetics in its purest form.

Explore the both of them here:

POP: Website | Facebook | Twitter
LOVE: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Oh, and Victoria’s Secret is finally coming to London this summer! The three-floor flagship store is set to be in Mayfair, while two or three other stores will be scattered throughout the city. I can hardly contain my excitement.

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(because this is the most techie shoot I’ve done so far)

Photography by Bruce Bell, 2011
Post-production by yours truly

I love it. I love the whole Generation Z (or late Generation Y), fast-paced, high-technology, hyperspeed world we live in. I love how we’re – more or less – in the vanguard of the digital world, being completely enveloped in its all-encompassing grasp. I love the creativity, the innovativity, the sharp intelligence. I love the progression, how fast-moving it is, and how we have to keep up with it to stay on top – because we all love a good challenge! Speed kills, to an extent – if we let it. And it can be a little overwhelming at times, but all the more for us to discover a good balance between our virtual world and our real one (although I think there’s actually no concrete distinction between the two as they’re both essentially a part of us, but that’s a different story altogether). I especially love how technology has also brought about advanced breakthroughs in art and culture, and not just science.

I love the sleek, sexy, stylish, avant-garde vibe it gives us. I love the information overload, because there’s just so much inspiration abound, everywhere. Ideas, concepts, notions. Every direction we look, every direction we turn our heads to, it’s there, in whatever form it manifests. I love the gadgetry we come up with, the modern, cosmopolitan cities we live in, contemporary and state of the art. I love technology, social networking, and how it makes us so much closer to each other even though we can be worlds and worlds apart. I even love electronic and house music – it does play a part, mm.

There are those who claim the internet is bad. To me, on a highly personal level, the internet isn’t bad. Technology isn’t bad. It’s us who make it bad or seem bad, or choose to look at it in a negative way. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it. We, ultimately have a choice. We’re given this beautiful thing, so don’t abuse it. Use it for the greater good – sharing, inspiring, empowering. So many incredible things beyond our wildest imaginations have happened and now exist because of technology and the internet. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it. Embrace change, embrace development, embrace the future.

Ride the wave, jump on the bandwagon, and yet still make your statement and mark in this world.

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PS. It’s about time I did an actual high-technology concept shoot, I reckon.

1. The state of being transported by a lofty emotion; ecstasy.
2. An expression of ecstatic feeling. Often used in the plural.
3. The transporting of a person from one place to another, especially to heaven.
tr.v. rap·tured, rap·tur·ing, rap·tures
To enrapture.

Konnichi Bar, Aberdeen

It is that smile in your eyes, that little twinkle which lights your whole face up. It is that laugh – not just a giggle, not just a chuckle, but a hearty, full-out laugh of sheer, unadulterated expression. It is when you feel like you are at the top of the world, right at the pinnacle, feeling as though you can conquer anything and everything you set your heart and mind to. It is when you feel loved, so loved – by the world, by your loved one, by yourself. Self-acceptance at its very core, embracing yourself, your being and your existence because you are alive and living life to the fullest, no holds barred. It is when you truly love and enjoy life, and see the inexplicably mesmerising beauty of it. Regardless of where you are or where you might be, you are happy, thankful and grateful for being here, at this very moment, completely and utterly present – when you live with such passion, and not just exist. It is when you love – with honesty – who you are right now, the person whom you have grown to be, where you stand at this very point in time after everything you have done and been through. The achievements, the accomplishments, the experiences. Constantly learning, growing, evolving. It is this elation, this delirium, this rapture.

This is happiness at its very best, a place so wonderful that when you have once experienced it, you simply do not ever want to leave. It is the best feeling in the world, bar none.

‘I see that spark in you again. Don’t ever let it leave.’

Oh, darling. It’s here to stay.

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Countdown to DS2DIO launch: 5 days

Because dance can move you, seduce you, make you believe in magic.

‘Each (style) as powerful as the next that expresses the people, the culture, the place that they come from. A moving record of our human existence. It is how far you can stretch your soul.’

I originally wanted to pick only a few to put up but I was watching the videos over and over again – each and every single one of them is so inspiring in their own way, it seems somewhat blasphemous not to post all of them up. Running wild, running free. Enjoy!

(click on their names to watch the videos in high definition on Youtube)

‘Dance means everything to me.. it’s a way of expressing who I am.’
Melissa Sandvig

‘When I’m dancing.. you take whatever makes you feel a certain way and you put it into your movement, and you express yourself.’

‘Why do I love dance? It just shows.. me. That’s my artwork. I’m an artist and I’ve a creative outlet. And that’s why, that means a lot.’
Ian Eastwood

‘When I started dancing, it really helped build my confidence and helped me get over my shyness.’
Mariel Martin

‘I felt a calling, and I think the calling was that this was what I was supposed to be doing.’
Keone Madrid

‘If I’m home alone, I just dance.. it was like I went into another place, and no one has to know about it, it’s my own little secret.’
Harry Shum, Jr.

‘..that’s what dancing does to people, it just gives them an incredible feeling. And I just love that, I give a piece of me to the world.’
Jamaica Craft

‘If my dance had to say one thing, it would be to let love lead. It’s a platform to say everything that I have to say and express. That’s a beautiful thing.’

‘I make this character where I’m essentially an android that is programmed to move to the music. When I dance, my mind goes blank and I let the music tell me what to do.’
Madd Chadd

‘I think dance is definitely a release of emotions.. it’s so incredible to release my soul to the world.’
Kayla Radomski

‘I love to dance because it makes me feel happy when I make other people happy.’
Baby Boogaloo

‘Dancing was my only language that I ever spoke.. dance was the only thing I ever got right, and it’s still been what has made me get everything else right.’
Brian Friedman

‘..when you’re deep in the moment of dance, none of that stuff exists and time just slips away.’
Wade Robson

Join the movement (and the community!), and tweet on what dance means to you with #weknowthefeeling.

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