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I was initially scheduled to do a shoot with the talented Brendan Lee earlier this morning, but as the make-up artist couldn’t make it for the day, we decided to postpone it to another more convenient date. I was still up for a little photography though, and since I had an extra hour or two to kill, I impulsively decided to make myself my own subject!

Armed with my trusty camera’s self timer and inspiration from Terry Richardson and Camilla Akrans – just two of the many fashion photographers I look up to – I wandered around the entire house in search of a plain white wall to use as a background, for Terry Richardson’s distinguished and extremely influential artistry revolved around blank white backgrounds and high flashes, and I found myself ending up in front of the closet doors in my room, which happened to be the closest thing resembling a white wall. Make do with what you’ve got (at times), eh?

I didn’t have the whole day (or even half of it) at my disposal, so I kept things simple all around: I threw on one of my favourite LBDs – black mesh and bodycon, courtesy of Miss Selfridge, put on a bit of make up and my signature silver hoops (I’m rarely seen without them, apparently), turned DEV on, and started snapping. It was pretty much a one-woman show, all the way from the pre-production to the post-production of the pictures, but it’s such a satisfaction to know you were behind every single bit of the process.

I was actually contemplating whether to apply more of a pinhole effect to the pictures but I decided against it in the end, thinking it’d go better with the blank background instead. Final takes!


Enjoy your morning, all!



It’s you and me, moving at the speed of light into eternity. Tonight is the night, to join me in the middle of ecstasy. Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you, around you. I will take you there, I will take you there. So don’t be scared, I’m right here. Ready? We can go anywhere, go anywhere. But first, it’s your chance – take my hand, come with me. Feels like we’re on another level, feels like our love’s intertwined. We can be two rebels, breaking the rules. Me and you, you and I. All you’ve got to do is watch me, look what I can do with my feet – baby, feel the beat inside. I’m driving, you could take the front seat, just need you to trust me. It’s like now. It’s a long way down, we’re so high off the ground – sending for an angel to bring me your heart. (Boy) where did you come from? Got me so undone. Gaze in your eyes got me saying, what a beautiful (being). No ifs, ands, or maybes. I’m releasing my heart and it’s feeling amazing. There’s no one else that matters, you love me. And I won’t let you fall (boy), let you fall (boy). I won’t let you fall, let you fall, let you fall.

It’s like I’ve waited my whole life for this one night – it’s going to be me, you, and the dance floor. Because we’ve only got one night. Double your pleasure, double your fun. And dance forever-ever-ever, forever-ever-ever, forever-ever-ever, forever (forever). Ever-ever-ever, forever-ever-ever, forever-ever-ever, forever on the dance floor.

Taylor’s Dance Arena, August 2008

Because this song holds more meaning than most are even aware of. Half a year, and counting. The Yang to my Yin, I love you.


I’ve been in for quite a ride ever since I touched down on home ground almost a good month back – a little rollercoaster of sorts, even – and for the past two fortnights or so, I’ve been going around, being out and about, recollecting my bearings and getting back into the rhythm of the Southeast Asian lifestyle and its perpetual equatorial summers. Suffice to say, it’s taking me a while to get used to settling down in KL and its capital cosmopolitanism once more – the city lights, the sleepless nights, the ongoing hustle and bustle which never seem to stop, the busy streets and hot asphalt, our very own thirty-degree concrete jungle – simply because I’ve gotten incredibly used to life in the UK, which differs so much in so many distinct ways, although that’s an entirely different story altogether.

So I finally got myself to sit down in front of my laptop one warm, balmy morning to write, and here I am, typing this down – an actual post filled to the brim with words, sans any pictures whatsoever. Organising my blog’s timeline (as well as getting back into writing constantly) would probably be one of my top priorities right now as it’s more or less all over the place, what with bits here and there, dates all in a disarray, a countless number of drafts unpublished. I love writing. I absolutely adore it. I find it to be one of the most fulfilling things I can possibly do, and I’ve been at it since I was so much younger, but I’ve been in and out of it all throughout university so I want to find the time and rediscover the dedication to write regularly, if not daily.

I’m also planning to start doing shoots once again to satiate the ever-expanding list of concepts I’ve come up with, which just tends to increase in number by the day with every single thing that catches my (relatively impressionable) eye – music videos, fashion editorials, films and campaigns, you name it. Photography (and the post-production behind it) has been taking up a lot of my time as well, especially since I’m so much more into it now than I ever was before, and I’ve just started developing my online portfolios to showcase my work – I’m actually thinking of delving deeper into creative direction: developing concepts, working on themes, creating storyboards, the works, but that’s still in its early stages. So it’s mostly about me having to manage my time and interests effectively in order to be able to pursue them all, and as I’m currently considered to be at leisure for the time being, I should be making the most of it before I start working and joining the nine-to-fivers.

My room is another project that I’ve taken under my wing, and it’s going to go on a complete revamp, although I’m still waiting for my shipment – six large boxes full of things accumulated in a span of three years – to arrive from the UK, which is actually due within the next month or so. I’ve already started my collections (which has been a growing dream of mine since I was young, fuelling my drive and desire for it), drawing inspiration from the likes of Daphne Guinness and Anna Dello Russo these days, and it’s about time I got myself that cream faux fur rug I’ve been eyeing for years and years. And since we’re on revamps, this blog needs a little fixing up too.

Digressing, mornings are still my favourite time of day even after an eight-hour time zone shift. The soft, muted sunlight, a steaming hot cup of my morning coffee, a good read. Mm, there’s hardly anything better than that. I love my morning reads – Flipboard on the iPhone (yes, I’ve finally gotten one after years of pining for it and needless to say, I’m absolutely satisfied with it) is brilliant, and I’ve also gotten back into reading religiously once more as I could barely find the time and desire to read anything that didn’t relate to my degree in university – presently, I’ve immersed myself in The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, which is quite a heavy but extremely interesting read.

Pleasure is a feeling of being taken past our limits, of being overwhelmed – by another person, by an experience.

Speaking of pleasure, another reason to love the mornings? 6am FaceTime calls with my man. I do miss him immensely nowadays, but it’s a good time for the both of us because we now have plenty of time on our hands to fully focus on our individual careers and goals before we decide to settle down or anything of the sort, while working to keep our very unconventional long-distance relationship on fire, cue the eyebrow wiggle. We’ll be seeing each other in about three months when I head back to the UK for my (official!) graduation – another milestone worth noting, another win to celebrate – so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

In the meantime, something to look forward to would be the launch of H&M in KL next month, which is fantastic as Anna Dello Russo’s highly-anticipated collection, which I wrote about much earlier on, will also be released in this flagship store, so I’ll be saving up for a piece or two from the gold and turquoise-dominated line. Furthermore, I’ve already gotten an equally excited partner in crime to hit the store – and paint it gold, because red’s overrated – with on the very morning of the launch itself. Exciting, exciting times, from a female (and certain males) perspective of course.

All in all, there’s a whole lot of work to be done, and at times like this, I just wish there were forty-eight hours (or more) in a day instead of the usual twenty-four, because simply put, I’ve got to get my life here sorted out once again, for as familiar as it may seem, three years of absence do make things a little foreign in a way.

So there, a somewhat complete update on my life since my KLIA arrival, into heat waves and high temperatures – because some of us like it hot. Ah, it’s good to be back.


Original date: 17.07.12

#nowplaying #summerplaylist Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo – Let’s Go

Even more bits from Trafalgar Square – with fantastic sunlight to play with this time around,


Snake-print top, Victoria’s Secret
Satin blazer, H&M
Leggings, H&M
Faux fur tote, Boohoo
Wedges, Boohoo
Necklace, H&M
Hoops, unbranded

We went back to The Trafalgar – click here for the previous post on the place – one sunshine-filled evening for drinks before heading to Leicester Square for a late-night film, where we got all cosy on printed couches and oversized cushions set beside sky-high windows adorned with fringed curtains, looking out at the ornate Victorian architecture of central London.

Conversations in places like this intrigue me. There’s just something about seeing sharply-dressed people deeply engaged in camaraderie, be it intelligent or frivolous, their choice of drink in hand. It makes me think and wonder about their topic of conversation, their lifestyle, the people they are, what they have achieved, what they want to achieve. Mm.

What’chu lookin’ at?

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Right now is where you shine.


Original Date: 15.07.12

#nowplaying #summerplaylist Sean Paul – Touch the Sky

Determined to make the very most out of my last fortnight in London, I got the beau to take me to yet another rooftop bar in the city just a few days after we went to Madison – a bit more central this time around, right in the heart of Trafalgar Square, which also happens to be one of my favourite places in the beautiful capital, especially come nightfall (and when the fountains are switched on).

Vista at The Trafalgar sits at the very top of (this actually goes without saying) The Trafalgar, an esteemed boutique hotel situated just south of the well-renowned square, showcasing contemporary interiors – another favourite of mine, of course – all over. The al fresco bar’s decor does not stray too far from the hotel’s overall concept, and like the hotel, chooses to go for sophistication and understated elegance in what they would call true London style.

It is an absolutely gorgeous place to lounge around after a long day spent exploring the charming streets of London and the wonders they hold, especially since the beau went on a (very relatively) little spree on Oxford Street earlier in the afternoon, where he – much to my amusement – shopped like a woman, which is not something you, or I for that matter, happen to see every day.

And as usual, we indulged. Sitting back and enjoying the warm sunshine on our faces, listening to the rhythmic sound of heels and footsteps on the charcoal deck amidst the bar’s house playlist, sharing intimate conversations and company while sipping on chilled drinks and stirring crushed ice, popping olives like there is no tomorrow while taking in the breathtaking views of central London and its people, mm.

If you are interested in paying them a visit, it might be wise to make a booking beforehand as they are quite an exclusive one and only take a certain number of customers up to the rooftop at any one point in time, although you can choose to wait at the hotel’s ground-floor bar (which is worth a visit as well, I would say) and have a bit of a drink while they get you a place sans a booking, which was what we did.

And now for some obligatory vanity!

Endless Nights top, H&M
Satin blazer, H&M
Skinnies, Miss Selfridge
Faux fur tote, Boohoo
Wedges, Boohoo (not in picture)
Necklace, H&M
Hoops, unbranded

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Click here for more pictures from the day!

I got the ticket to fulfill your dreams, just touch the sky with it.
Just let the rhythm come and set you free.


#nowplaying Jay-Z featuring Beyonce – Bonnie and Clyde

Twenty-first century, Asian, doing what we like to do our way.

Twenty-one. Young. Hungry. Chasing dreams and goals, discovering purposes. Making our marks in the world, leaving legacies behind for the future generations to come. Forces of nature, forces to be reckoned with. The world is our oyster, and we live openly and on ever-expanding levels. We want to learn, grow, develop. Evolve. Aspiring visionaries, with a strong desire to strive and change the world. We choose which doors to open, which waves to ride. It is a chase, a hunt, a pursuit, to discover and explore every facet of our imagination and our world. We want to live large, think and dream big, achieve big. Movers and shakers, we dislike wasting even a minute, choosing to be up and about. We live our lives to the fullest, right to the very brim, making the most of it and everything else. Carpe diem.

We do not settle for average. We want dynamics, flavour, diversity. Exceptionality. We are advocates of individuality, and personal style in every aspect of our lives. There is just a delicious wildness to it all, a sort of rush no drug can ever live up to, something that excites the senses to such an irresistible extent. Because if you have it, own it. And flaunt it as well, if you like. Open up your lives, live the way you want. Own your lives, own who you are. Live it, and with intent. Be bold, be fearless. Go for what you want, and hone your craft.

And the best thing is having someone beside you while you are at it, shooting for the stars together. It is a feeling beyond elation, one of which words can hardly describe, because today, I got my thoroughest boy with me. He rides with me, the new Beyonce and Jay-Z (simply because I like the way it rhymes).

I’m mashin’ the gas, he’s grabbin’ the wheel, it’s true to the heart. We complement each other, connecting and communicating on similar wavelengths. It is not about dominating, but elevating one another to higher levels, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves. He is my pillar, my rock, my guardian angel, my guiding light. He gives me that push when I need it, to fuel my drive. We have our respective, individual goals but when the time calls for it, I’m right back to being his soldier. Supporting, encouraging, loving. We work as a team, because we are a team. Partners in crime, cruising down the global highway, conquering the world bit by bit. Because I’m a rider, and he’s a roller. Put us together, how are they going to stop us?

I am incredibly thankful for him and for everything he has done for and with me so far on this voyage together, because whatever I lack, he’s right over my shoulder. And when he’s off track, I’ll be keeping him focused. So let’s lock this down like it’s supposed to be.

Well-behaved women rarely make history.
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

A quote I picked up from the book I’m currently reading. Personally, I think this applies to both genders. There is something within all of us that wants to come out and play. So go, run wild, roam free. Let’s go get ’em.

Pictures taken at Vista at The Trafalgar in London. Lyrics from Bonnie and Clyde in italic.

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PS. I was actually planning to post this up for our sixth month (which is in about two weeks or so) but as they say, what better time than now?

Originally written on: 22.07.12

#nowplaying #summerplaylist Starships by Nicki Minaj

I’ve quite a not-so-secret penchant for rooftop bars (or boutique bars and cocktail lounges in general), and I’ve actually compiled a list of those which I think are worth going to for a drink or two in the heart of the city of London, most of which I’m hoping to pay a visit to before I leave for Southeast Asia early the following week. The beau, being the absolute gem that he is, took me to Madison last week after work, where we explored uncharted territory – for us, anyway – wandering around Cheapside and One New Change, a contemporary glass and steel complex boasting stealth architecture throughout (Londoners have actually nicknamed it The Stealth Bomber) and Madison on its sky-high roof terrace.

Architectural genius, I’d say. Especially with regard to fusing history and modernity together, what with St. Paul’s looming overhead, majestic and just as imposing. We spent quite some time walking around the lower levels, cooing over dapper-looking Hugo Boss suits and finely-crafted watches glinting under hot lights in the store windows before shooting straight up to the sixth floor where Madison perches, overlooking the panoramic London skyline – which is completely and utterly breathtaking, if I might add, and no picture can ever properly do it any justice, I reckon.

The place was crowded with sharply-dressed after-fivers having a drink or two, sipping on their choice of fine wine and cocktails ordered from a selection and sharing post-work conversations, while the more extravagant ones opted for champagne on ice. I chose to indulge in some clams over olive oil-drizzled pasta while the beau went carnivorous with a medium-rare steak complete with Bearnaise sauce to dip.

We were getting bouts of sunshine and rain that day but we made the most of it, heading out onto the sun-drenched roof terrace when we were lucky to savour the vast spaces and the stunning vantage point over the city of London, where the futuristic geometry of the towering, newly-constructed Shard near the London Bridge complemented the ornate intricacy of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the two intimidating giants rising up above everything else.

And of course, there was a whole lot of photography involved, as usual – where the beau practised his speaker poses and determinedly sought for a worthy Facebook cover picture.

Bandeau, Jane Norman
Satin blazer, H&M
Skinnies, Topshop
Faux fur tote, Boohoo
Wedges, Boohoo
Ombre necklace, H&M
Earrings, Miss Selfridge

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