Starships Were Meant to Fly

Originally written on: 22.07.12

#nowplaying #summerplaylist Starships by Nicki Minaj

I’ve quite a not-so-secret penchant for rooftop bars (or boutique bars and cocktail lounges in general), and I’ve actually compiled a list of those which I think are worth going to for a drink or two in the heart of the city of London, most of which I’m hoping to pay a visit to before I leave for Southeast Asia early the following week. The beau, being the absolute gem that he is, took me to Madison last week after work, where we explored uncharted territory – for us, anyway – wandering around Cheapside and One New Change, a contemporary glass and steel complex boasting stealth architecture throughout (Londoners have actually nicknamed it The Stealth Bomber) and Madison on its sky-high roof terrace.

Architectural genius, I’d say. Especially with regard to fusing history and modernity together, what with St. Paul’s looming overhead, majestic and just as imposing. We spent quite some time walking around the lower levels, cooing over dapper-looking Hugo Boss suits and finely-crafted watches glinting under hot lights in the store windows before shooting straight up to the sixth floor where Madison perches, overlooking the panoramic London skyline – which is completely and utterly breathtaking, if I might add, and no picture can ever properly do it any justice, I reckon.

The place was crowded with sharply-dressed after-fivers having a drink or two, sipping on their choice of fine wine and cocktails ordered from a selection and sharing post-work conversations, while the more extravagant ones opted for champagne on ice. I chose to indulge in some clams over olive oil-drizzled pasta while the beau went carnivorous with a medium-rare steak complete with Bearnaise sauce to dip.

We were getting bouts of sunshine and rain that day but we made the most of it, heading out onto the sun-drenched roof terrace when we were lucky to savour the vast spaces and the stunning vantage point over the city of London, where the futuristic geometry of the towering, newly-constructed Shard near the London Bridge complemented the ornate intricacy of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the two intimidating giants rising up above everything else.

And of course, there was a whole lot of photography involved, as usual – where the beau practised his speaker poses and determinedly sought for a worthy Facebook cover picture.

Bandeau, Jane Norman
Satin blazer, H&M
Skinnies, Topshop
Faux fur tote, Boohoo
Wedges, Boohoo
Ombre necklace, H&M
Earrings, Miss Selfridge

@ Facebook | deviantART

Click here (Diamond Life, Lover Boy) and here (You Got Me Walking on the Ceiling All Night) for more pictures from the day!



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