Fireball, I’m Atomic All Day Now

I was initially scheduled to do a shoot with the talented Brendan Lee earlier this morning, but as the make-up artist couldn’t make it for the day, we decided to postpone it to another more convenient date. I was still up for a little photography though, and since I had an extra hour or two to kill, I impulsively decided to make myself my own subject!

Armed with my trusty camera’s self timer and inspiration from Terry Richardson and Camilla Akrans – just two of the many fashion photographers I look up to – I wandered around the entire house in search of a plain white wall to use as a background, for Terry Richardson’s distinguished and extremely influential artistry revolved around blank white backgrounds and high flashes, and I found myself ending up in front of the closet doors in my room, which happened to be the closest thing resembling a white wall. Make do with what you’ve got (at times), eh?

I didn’t have the whole day (or even half of it) at my disposal, so I kept things simple all around: I threw on one of my favourite LBDs – black mesh and bodycon, courtesy of Miss Selfridge, put on a bit of make up and my signature silver hoops (I’m rarely seen without them, apparently), turned DEV on, and started snapping. It was pretty much a one-woman show, all the way from the pre-production to the post-production of the pictures, but it’s such a satisfaction to know you were behind every single bit of the process.

I was actually contemplating whether to apply more of a pinhole effect to the pictures but I decided against it in the end, thinking it’d go better with the blank background instead. Final takes!


Enjoy your morning, all!



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