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Too downright sexy for words. All I know is that I want to start choreographing with the beau again.



What are you doing this Saturday?

Come and join us, and let us bring you into a world of deep living, where we cultivate a lifestyle of living to the absolute fullest. Boutique pools, beautiful sunsets, a sexy selection of house music to tingle your tastebuds right in the heart of our capital.

We KLites are forces to be reckoned with. We are movers and shakers, and spend our weeks hustling and bustling around the city – chasing deadlines, ambitions and rush hours – but at the same time, given the opportunity, we know how to have a good time. We do love what we do, of course, so let’s enjoy the best of both worlds – simply because we can.

Stereo Therapy brings the good life to you. We take the happenings of KL, and give them our very own special twist – fusing Malaysia’s perpetual summers with the much-envied lifestyles of Barcelona, Miami and Ibiza this Saturday, courtesy of The Pool with a line up of the finest KL has to offer: Victor G, LFL, Alam, B.A.T.E., Gaijin, and Nanameh.

The Pool: Website | Facebook

347 Jalan Ampang,
50400 Kuala Lumpur,

Phone: +6017-998 5577

Operating Hours:

6pm – 3am (Wednesday – Saturday)
4pm – 3am (Sunday)
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Wondering how to get there? Click!

So we’ve got the pool, and we’ve got the party – with no cover charge. All you need to do is to bring yourself and your swimwear along, as people found in the pool will be rewarded with free tequila shots! Not much of a drinker? Allow us to tempt you with free food then – we’ll be setting up a mouth-watering barbecue for all you hungry party animals. Still finding it a little too chilled for your taste? Well, we’ve got fire-eaters towards the evening to heat things up for you pyromaniacs out there!

On a more business-oriented note, buying a bottle for five people will get you a normal table, while two bottles will get you a cosy booth. We’ve got Black Label, Belvedere and Glenmorangie for you hard-hitters, and Veuve Clicquot for those who prefer some bubbly – and that’s just to name a few!

So come along and unwind with us this Saturday evening while we bliss you out with a delicious blend of deep house, tech house, house, disco and big room. Call +6017-315 6750 for more information, or join our event on Facebook here.


PS. Don’t fret if you can’t make it this time around – word is going around that Stereo Therapy will be hitting KL with a line up of six DJs each and every month. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next one!

I stumbled upon this little treasure chest of inspiration, LOMW (short for Laws of (the) Modern Woman) a while back, and I just had to share some of its many gems. It was initially a little like opening Pandora’s box – in a good way – as I found myself being pulled deeper and deeper into its depths, searching for a particular bit to share first, but I think this resonated with me the most,

I’ve gone through quite a bit of emotional turmoil since I arrived back home on Southeast Asian ground, mainly because I was used to (and still favour) the absolute freedom bestowed upon me whilst I was living in the UK, and in more ways than one at that. Coming back and being home for an indefinite period of time – not counting my trip back for my graduation at the end of the year, of course – do get a little overwhelming at times, what with my being exposed to the constraints and the (seemingly natural) lack of freedom once again, both of which were distinctly absent while I was overseas.

But that being said, I don’t want to limit myself anymore. It took me three whole years of being overseas to realise this, with much emphasis on my third and final year, given the circumstances I was put into. I’ve been more or less subject to constraint my entire life, to differing extents – both by myself and by external forces, and I no longer want to hold myself back, especially after coming to this realisation. I want to live in a world where I can just be, completely and authentically myself without being constantly pulled down by concerns about what others thought and the expectations they had of me. I no longer want to compare myself to others, but rather compete with no one but myself, and what I’m capable of achieving in this lifetime, pushing myself to my fullest potential time and time again, cultivating a lifelong learning process.

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but most importantly, I’ve learnt from all of them, every single one uncompromised, and I’ve moved on. I’ve gone through countless ups and downs, and I’ve faced adversity – right in the face at times, but I’m a much stronger person because of that, because of it all. And I’m proud to have come this far, immensely so. But I know I can go so much further, simply because I can feel it – the burning desire, the inextinguishable passion, the persistent drive – in myself.

I’ve learnt a whole lot from being overseas these past three years, more about myself than anything else in fact. I now know what I want in life, and what I want to attract into my life. I’ve found clarity, as well as being exposed to the sweet taste of constant discovery and growth. This fusion of sorts – the experience of possessing influence from both the East and West, rewarded me with substantial insight into myself and the things around me. I’m now used to being thrown out of my comfort zone, into the unknown – someplace new, uncharted territory. And with this comes a brand new sense of adventure, a rush of adrenaline I wasn’t accustomed to at first, but it’s incredibly addictive to say the least. The excitement, of wondering what’s going to happen.

Life is amazing – I love it. I love where I am, what I do, and who I’m with. I love more, I live more, and I don’t just simply exist. So yes, no more limits. To burning passions and being phoenixes. Have a brilliant weekend, all!

What people lack in life is not more reality but illusion, fantasy, play.. Seduction is a kind of theatre in real life, the meeting of illusion and reality.
– Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction


Originally written: 02.09.12


Endless Nights top, H&M
Skinnies, Miss Selfridge
Faux reptile-skin tote, Guess
Wedges, Boohoo (not in picture)
Snake wraparounds, River Island
Spike hoops, Topshop
Spike necklace, Forever 21
Spike bangles, Topshop
Tassel bracelet, unbranded

Cooling down in Starbucks with their iced shaken lemon Tazo Zen tea (a new favourite!), amidst crystal trees which glinted beautifully in the sunlight, mm. I spent the weekend looking for inspiration in IKEA, browsing its maze-like halls and marketplace for quite some time before walking out with a number of SKUBB organisers and a vanilla-scented candle which smells good enough to eat – tucked nicely into a glass cup – for my little private sanctuary of a room. It even goes brilliantly with the colour scheme I’ve planned out for it: muted tones of nude, white and cream with lashings of gold – pale and striking alike, although I do still hold a strong affinity towards the black and gold combination for other aspects. Next on the list: a small but tall, minimalist glass vase, gorgeous faux orchids to put in it (because I wouldn’t want to maintain live ones for now), and a luxurious faux fur rug (I’m pro-animals). Oh, and IKEA’s apparently to-die-for Swedish meatballs – which I have never, ever tried. It’s practically blasphemous, I know.

Fashion fix: Gilded candy and a late-night read. Power, danger, brains – what really turns you on?