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(because this is the most techie shoot I’ve done so far)

Photography by Bruce Bell, 2011
Post-production by yours truly

I love it. I love the whole Generation Z (or late Generation Y), fast-paced, high-technology, hyperspeed world we live in. I love how we’re – more or less – in the vanguard of the digital world, being completely enveloped in its all-encompassing grasp. I love the creativity, the innovativity, the sharp intelligence. I love the progression, how fast-moving it is, and how we have to keep up with it to stay on top – because we all love a good challenge! Speed kills, to an extent – if we let it. And it can be a little overwhelming at times, but all the more for us to discover a good balance between our virtual world and our real one (although I think there’s actually no concrete distinction between the two as they’re both essentially a part of us, but that’s a different story altogether). I especially love how technology has also brought about advanced breakthroughs in art and culture, and not just science.

I love the sleek, sexy, stylish, avant-garde vibe it gives us. I love the information overload, because there’s just so much inspiration abound, everywhere. Ideas, concepts, notions. Every direction we look, every direction we turn our heads to, it’s there, in whatever form it manifests. I love the gadgetry we come up with, the modern, cosmopolitan cities we live in, contemporary and state of the art. I love technology, social networking, and how it makes us so much closer to each other even though we can be worlds and worlds apart. I even love electronic and house music – it does play a part, mm.

There are those who claim the internet is bad. To me, on a highly personal level, the internet isn’t bad. Technology isn’t bad. It’s us who make it bad or seem bad, or choose to look at it in a negative way. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it. We, ultimately have a choice. We’re given this beautiful thing, so don’t abuse it. Use it for the greater good – sharing, inspiring, empowering. So many incredible things beyond our wildest imaginations have happened and now exist because of technology and the internet. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it. Embrace change, embrace development, embrace the future.

Ride the wave, jump on the bandwagon, and yet still make your statement and mark in this world.

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PS. It’s about time I did an actual high-technology concept shoot, I reckon.


Countdown to DS2DIO launch: 5 days

Because dance can move you, seduce you, make you believe in magic.

‘Each (style) as powerful as the next that expresses the people, the culture, the place that they come from. A moving record of our human existence. It is how far you can stretch your soul.’

I originally wanted to pick only a few to put up but I was watching the videos over and over again – each and every single one of them is so inspiring in their own way, it seems somewhat blasphemous not to post all of them up. Running wild, running free. Enjoy!

(click on their names to watch the videos in high definition on Youtube)

‘Dance means everything to me.. it’s a way of expressing who I am.’
Melissa Sandvig

‘When I’m dancing.. you take whatever makes you feel a certain way and you put it into your movement, and you express yourself.’

‘Why do I love dance? It just shows.. me. That’s my artwork. I’m an artist and I’ve a creative outlet. And that’s why, that means a lot.’
Ian Eastwood

‘When I started dancing, it really helped build my confidence and helped me get over my shyness.’
Mariel Martin

‘I felt a calling, and I think the calling was that this was what I was supposed to be doing.’
Keone Madrid

‘If I’m home alone, I just dance.. it was like I went into another place, and no one has to know about it, it’s my own little secret.’
Harry Shum, Jr.

‘..that’s what dancing does to people, it just gives them an incredible feeling. And I just love that, I give a piece of me to the world.’
Jamaica Craft

‘If my dance had to say one thing, it would be to let love lead. It’s a platform to say everything that I have to say and express. That’s a beautiful thing.’

‘I make this character where I’m essentially an android that is programmed to move to the music. When I dance, my mind goes blank and I let the music tell me what to do.’
Madd Chadd

‘I think dance is definitely a release of emotions.. it’s so incredible to release my soul to the world.’
Kayla Radomski

‘I love to dance because it makes me feel happy when I make other people happy.’
Baby Boogaloo

‘Dancing was my only language that I ever spoke.. dance was the only thing I ever got right, and it’s still been what has made me get everything else right.’
Brian Friedman

‘..when you’re deep in the moment of dance, none of that stuff exists and time just slips away.’
Wade Robson

Join the movement (and the community!), and tweet on what dance means to you with #weknowthefeeling.

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Back in April, I blogged about wanting to do a series of Fashion Against AIDS 2012-inspired shoots similar to that of H&M once my final papers were done with, and the lovely Maritxu and Bryan were more than willing to be my first couple!

It was my very first time doing an actual shoot as the photographer, sans any equipment (flash guns, reflectors, etc.) except for my trusty camera and its built-in flash. Oh, and a whole lot of determination of course! I still have a lot to learn but it was a brilliant experience, shooting at 1am in the middle of the night with my favourite couple, who had (and have!) such incredible chemistry together.

My favourite four from the night,

Photography and post-production by yours truly
Plenty of credits to Maritxu and Bryan!

One of my aims for doing these Fashion Against AIDS 2012-inspired shoots is to showcase the couples’ unique style, chemistry and connection. Two individuals coming together by choice, willingly opening themselves up and bringing each other into their own respective worlds – it’s a beautiful thing, and I want to capture the essence of it and share it with the world. Because as I’ve said before, this world needs more love, sweet love.

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Watch this space for more pictures from the shoot – there’s a lot more from where that came from!

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#nowplaying I’m in Miami Bitch (clean version: I’m in Miami Trick) by LMFAO

Something I’m looking forward to this summer,

Alternatively, you can watch the official trailer in high definition here.

I’m a big fan of the Step Up films and Jon M. Chu, mostly because they like to push limits and explore new boundaries, always taking things to the next level with each instalment released. For Step Up: Revolution, they’ve taken it even a notch higher (of course), making this the biggest one yet – placing emphasis on a whole mob of dancers instead of just a crew and setting it against the colourful vibrance of Miami, where a revolutionary shift from performance art to protest art takes place. Dancing, to make a difference and fight for a greater cause.

Oh, and I’m going absolutely crazy over the cutting-edge scene with the suits and escalators! Very avant-garde, mm. I’ve such an affair with everything sleek, smooth and sharp. So, so sexy.

Also known as Step Up 4, Step Up 4: Miami Heat, Step Up: Revolution hits theatres on the 27th of July 2012. Be a part of something different. Be a part of something special. This summer’s going to be good.

Digressing slightly (on a similar note though), this pretty much goes without saying – I love dance films. I simply adore them. I love the feeling they leave you with – the incredible desire to fight for what you want, the powerful drive to strive for your passions, the empowering, relentless rush of creative energy and inspiration. It’s something I definitely wouldn’t mind being addicted to at all, and especially so since I’m a dancer as well.

StreetDance 2 and Step Up 3D are by far my favourites, although Step Up: Revolution would most probably triumph in my books come July, I reckon. What I loved about StreetDance 2 was the whole idea of exploring and jet-setting to different cosmopolitan cities in search of dancers across Europe – from London to Rome, Ibiza to Berlin, Amsterdam to Paris. Oh, the wanderlust it evoked in me.

Alternatively, you can watch the official trailer in high definition here.

Step Up 3D meanwhile, was centred more along the concept of a community of dancers – living together, working together, dancing together. And I liked that the male lead was also a filmmaker, interviewing the dancers on what dance meant to them and what they loved about it.

Alternatively, you can watch the official trailer in high definition here.

These trailers, along with the films themselves of course, are the main inspiration behind the short dance film I’m in the midst of planning (one of my summer 2012 projects!), aiming to be completed sometime next month before I leave Aberdeen. It’s still in its early stages and I’m not going to say too much yet until things actually start rolling, so fingers crossed! Exciting stuff. I’ve already gotten most of the people I need on board, but if you’re interested in being a part of this, please contact me.

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There are things in this world more powerful than words. Dance moves you.

To all my fellow dancers out there, the ones who love to move, especially those whom I’ve come to know and love, and had the incredible pleasure, opportunity and experience to dance with throughout all these years, this is for you. For us. ♥

Coming this summer exclusively to Youtube,

DS2DIO, the dance lifestyle channel by Jon M. Chu

Alternatively, you can watch the video in high definition here.

‘And now, technology makes it possible for all of us to be together. To rediscover each other and the common rhythm that unifies us all.’

So, so inspiring. And an absolutely brilliant idea at that. So what are you waiting for?

Join the movement.



I love fashion. I do, and especially so when it’s paired with a good cause. Needless to say, I was completely captivated by H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS campaign this year. It’s sexy, suggestive and just this side of raunchy, provocatively conceptualising the whole Make Love, Not War notion while raising awareness of HIV/AIDS amongst youth.

Daaamn (just had to add that).

Credits to H&M
Photographed by Dan Martensen

The collection was released on the 26th of April 2012, both online and at selected H&M stores. For every purchase, 25% of the funds is donated to HIV/AIDS prevention, including the United Nations Population Fund, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, YouthAIDS and Designers Against AIDS. So fight (or in this case, spend) for a generous cause – I know I’m planning to get myself a signature T-shirt!

Or if you’d prefer, you can kiss for a good cause. $1 is donated to HIV/AIDS prevention for every smooch uploaded. It’s such a lovely (and interesting!) concept, I’ve to say. You can even send a make out request, inviting someone to join and support Fashion Against AIDS 2012. Tens of thousands of couples have already participated and added their snogs – it’s love all around here, baby. So sign in. Make out.

..and of course, I do love fashion films too. Alternatively, you can watch the official commercial (or fashion film) in high definition here.


I’m now wanting to do a Fashion Against AIDS-inspired series of shoots, similar to and inspired by the H&M campaign this year. Except this time, I want to be the one behind the lens. I’ve already gotten two couples and a few individuals who are willing to get all steamy in front of the camera, but if you want in too, do tell! Preferably couples unless you’re alright with kissing and being all sexy with an absolute stranger – which is pretty kinky, admittedly. *eyebrow wiggle

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