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Original Date: 15.07.12

#nowplaying #summerplaylist Sean Paul – Touch the Sky

Determined to make the very most out of my last fortnight in London, I got the beau to take me to yet another rooftop bar in the city just a few days after we went to Madison – a bit more central this time around, right in the heart of Trafalgar Square, which also happens to be one of my favourite places in the beautiful capital, especially come nightfall (and when the fountains are switched on).

Vista at The Trafalgar sits at the very top of (this actually goes without saying) The Trafalgar, an esteemed boutique hotel situated just south of the well-renowned square, showcasing contemporary interiors – another favourite of mine, of course – all over. The al fresco bar’s decor does not stray too far from the hotel’s overall concept, and like the hotel, chooses to go for sophistication and understated elegance in what they would call true London style.

It is an absolutely gorgeous place to lounge around after a long day spent exploring the charming streets of London and the wonders they hold, especially since the beau went on a (very relatively) little spree on Oxford Street earlier in the afternoon, where he – much to my amusement – shopped like a woman, which is not something you, or I for that matter, happen to see every day.

And as usual, we indulged. Sitting back and enjoying the warm sunshine on our faces, listening to the rhythmic sound of heels and footsteps on the charcoal deck amidst the bar’s house playlist, sharing intimate conversations and company while sipping on chilled drinks and stirring crushed ice, popping olives like there is no tomorrow while taking in the breathtaking views of central London and its people, mm.

If you are interested in paying them a visit, it might be wise to make a booking beforehand as they are quite an exclusive one and only take a certain number of customers up to the rooftop at any one point in time, although you can choose to wait at the hotel’s ground-floor bar (which is worth a visit as well, I would say) and have a bit of a drink while they get you a place sans a booking, which was what we did.

And now for some obligatory vanity!

Endless Nights top, H&M
Satin blazer, H&M
Skinnies, Miss Selfridge
Faux fur tote, Boohoo
Wedges, Boohoo (not in picture)
Necklace, H&M
Hoops, unbranded

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I got the ticket to fulfill your dreams, just touch the sky with it.
Just let the rhythm come and set you free.