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Originally written: 15.05.12

#nowplaying Top of the World by The Cataracs featuring Dev

Bits of my latest spoils: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a chunky gold bracelet with jewel charms from H&M, issue twenty-six of POP (a newfound love!).

I discovered POP just very recently on a trip to town and was immediately pulled in by its three hundred-over pages – if there’s anything better than an intelligent fashion magazine, it’s a thick, intelligent fashion magazine. Despite the fact that it’s a twice-yearly publication.

In a rapidly changing world, POP magazine is a leader, not a follower. With a bold, international perspective and an understanding that the cultural and business landscape is being dramatically rewritten, POP looks to join the dots and celebrate the world’s key creatives. POP has been touted as a ‘super glossy’, with an established reputation for visual innovation and splendour. Fashion and its related universe is a prism through which so much of contemporary creativity, as well as the evolving celebrity culture, ends up being refracted. But fashion also reflects many universal human desires and dreams that hold the key to making sense of a world where the only certainty now is change. POP is the magazine the international catwalk creatives look to for a fresh perspective on all that is new and truly exciting in work, leisure and travel. It celebrates art, design, retail, adventure, pop culture, pop music and much more in our rapidly shifting world. POP is smart and it looks to celebrate both interior spaces and outerspace. Change is good, change is inevitable, change is now.

How can you not love its manifesto?

I still have yet to sink my teeth into it as I’ve been caught up with studying for my papers, but the features and editorials looked delectable enough to tempt me into a quick flip-through: Dior VS Art, Moon Portraits, POP China: Fast Lane, Report I: Beauty Orientalism, Report III: Fur China Pelted (as in the picture above), POP Chinatown: New York, Moon Rocks, Moon Dust is Icing Sugar, Crescent, Lunatique, Nitewalker, just to name (a little more than) a few. I simply adore their wordplay, and I love how they took the moon and Chinese influences as the inspiration behind this issue. ‘Marie Piovesan, super-smart Aquarius, in the age of Vuitton’s candy sex fairytales.’ Mm, it doesn’t get any better than that.

POP heavily reminds me of LOVE, another one of my favourite biannual fashion reads,

LOVE is a twice-yearly compendium of inspiration – for designers, for artists, for anyone looking for visual ideas; for anyone who loves fashion and design so much that they want to climb inside the heads of their heroes. Fashion is part of a creative cross-cultural dialogue and, for this reason, LOVE opens its readers to the most exciting developers in music and art as well as fashion to reveal the shape of tomorrow’s aesthetics in its purest form.

Explore the both of them here:

POP: Website | Facebook | Twitter
LOVE: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Oh, and Victoria’s Secret is finally coming to London this summer! The three-floor flagship store is set to be in Mayfair, while two or three other stores will be scattered throughout the city. I can hardly contain my excitement.

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