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#nowplaying Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia

(because this is the most techie shoot I’ve done so far)

Photography by Bruce Bell, 2011
Post-production by yours truly

I love it. I love the whole Generation Z (or late Generation Y), fast-paced, high-technology, hyperspeed world we live in. I love how we’re – more or less – in the vanguard of the digital world, being completely enveloped in its all-encompassing grasp. I love the creativity, the innovativity, the sharp intelligence. I love the progression, how fast-moving it is, and how we have to keep up with it to stay on top – because we all love a good challenge! Speed kills, to an extent – if we let it. And it can be a little overwhelming at times, but all the more for us to discover a good balance between our virtual world and our real one (although I think there’s actually no concrete distinction between the two as they’re both essentially a part of us, but that’s a different story altogether). I especially love how technology has also brought about advanced breakthroughs in art and culture, and not just science.

I love the sleek, sexy, stylish, avant-garde vibe it gives us. I love the information overload, because there’s just so much inspiration abound, everywhere. Ideas, concepts, notions. Every direction we look, every direction we turn our heads to, it’s there, in whatever form it manifests. I love the gadgetry we come up with, the modern, cosmopolitan cities we live in, contemporary and state of the art. I love technology, social networking, and how it makes us so much closer to each other even though we can be worlds and worlds apart. I even love electronic and house music – it does play a part, mm.

There are those who claim the internet is bad. To me, on a highly personal level, the internet isn’t bad. Technology isn’t bad. It’s us who make it bad or seem bad, or choose to look at it in a negative way. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it. We, ultimately have a choice. We’re given this beautiful thing, so don’t abuse it. Use it for the greater good – sharing, inspiring, empowering. So many incredible things beyond our wildest imaginations have happened and now exist because of technology and the internet. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it. Embrace change, embrace development, embrace the future.

Ride the wave, jump on the bandwagon, and yet still make your statement and mark in this world.

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PS. It’s about time I did an actual high-technology concept shoot, I reckon.