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#nowplaying #summerplaylist Far East Movement featuring Cover Drive – Turn Up the Love

We are one tonight
and we’re breathing in the same air,
so turn up the love.

Fresh out from Far East Movement’s newly-released Dirty Bass album – which I was highly anticipating, this single is definitely one of my favourite summer 2012 songs so far. I’m a big fan of Far East Movement, swagger and Asians actually going out there and doing their thing, especially when they incorporate Western influences (although I do love the Eastern ones as well) – partly because I’m Asian, which goes without saying, and I’m proud to be one, but also because I’m all for diversity and embracing who we are and what we want to be regardless of where we come from, which brings me to why I enjoy fusion and mixing things up, collecting inspiration from everything I experience, anywhere the world over.

Summer nights in London town – when it only gets dark after half-past nine in the evening, when the Londoners suit and doll up to come out to play with cocktails and pints, when the cosmopolitan kingdom becomes all city lights and endless nights. It is a metropolis of charm, wonders and experiences, so magical and beautiful in its own right, where opportunities to indulge abound, just waiting for you to seize them.

With just around three whole weeks left in London before I board a thirteen-hour flight back home with the beau, I plan to take the city in and satiate my wanderlust palette as much as possible with what the sprawling capital has to offer, along with getting the tremendous number of things on my pre-departure to-do list over and done with so I can have a pleasant voyage back to South-East Asia – until my return in November for my much-awaited graduation ceremony, of course.

Time really does fly by in the blink of an eye. Days, weeks, months, years pass before we even know it, and at the end of it all, we are left standing at the forefront of a new stage in our lives, wondering what had happened to the previous one and whether we had achieved what we wanted to achieve, accomplished what we set to accomplish. Time is the most valuable thing we are bestowed with in this existence and it waits for no man, yet it is the number one thing people take for granted. So make it count, make it worth it.

As for me, I can still hardly believe I’ve completed university and my three years of living and studying here in the UK is coming to an end, but I know this definitely isn’t the last I’ll be seeing of the country and neither will it be the last it’ll be seeing of me. I look forward to the day I walk on these cobbled streets again years later, much more accomplished and closer to achieving my goals and fulfilling my purpose.

I was constantly pulled out of my comfort zone this weekend – courtesy of Mac Attram and Kurt Won of Sales Partners UK – but in turn, I learnt and grew so much in just a span of two days. I met fantastic people, forged amazing new relationships, and I’m now even more of a glass half-full, especially with regard to my future and what it holds for me. These two past weekends have been such an exponential learning curve for me, and I rediscovered something in me which hasn’t surfaced in quite a while now – and by a while, I mean years. Being in this incredibly supportive surrounding with people of a similar mindset changes you, your outlook, your self-concept, and I’m thankful beyond words. It is more about celebration and collaboration, rather than competition, which is what this world needs so much more of. There is an energy so powerfully positive here, it spreads like wildfire.

So burn, baby, burn.

I got nothing but love to give.

The Hippodrome Casino, taken at Leicester Square, London.

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In the meantime, have a brilliant start to the week, everyone!

So much loving in the atmosphere,
good times roll with me right here.



Morning, beautiful world. Yesterday, I woke up to the best news – I’m now a university graduate with an LLB behind my name, and my winter graduation now awaits. Come tomorrow morning, I’ll be leaving the Silver City for London.

Until November, Aberdeen. I had a wonderful three years with you, and you’ve opened my eyes to the world. I love you.

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This is it. After those seemingly endless nights of hard work, reading seventy-page-long cases and almost century-old journals so thick and heavy they could probably kill someone if thrown, three long (but good) years later, I’m finally standing here at the pinnacle of Law school and university, my head held high – as proud and happy as I can be that I’ve made it this far. I’m incredibly thankful for the wonderful people I’m so lucky to have around me, constantly supporting and encouraging me, even at the times when I broke down in the middle of the night and called my mother who was thousands and thousands of miles away on an eight-hour time difference just because I (thought I) couldn’t handle the pressure and the workload.

I’ve come this far, and I’m going to see it through – because I know, better than anyone else, that I can do this. This is the last stride, the final battle, after which the sweetness of graduation awaits. Wish me luck!

Let’s go.

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PS. ..and a new beginning.
PPS. Pictures taken at Elphinstone Hall, University of Aberdeen – one of my very favourite places on campus.