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Countdown to DS2DIO launch: 5 days

Because dance can move you, seduce you, make you believe in magic.

‘Each (style) as powerful as the next that expresses the people, the culture, the place that they come from. A moving record of our human existence. It is how far you can stretch your soul.’

I originally wanted to pick only a few to put up but I was watching the videos over and over again – each and every single one of them is so inspiring in their own way, it seems somewhat blasphemous not to post all of them up. Running wild, running free. Enjoy!

(click on their names to watch the videos in high definition on Youtube)

‘Dance means everything to me.. it’s a way of expressing who I am.’
Melissa Sandvig

‘When I’m dancing.. you take whatever makes you feel a certain way and you put it into your movement, and you express yourself.’

‘Why do I love dance? It just shows.. me. That’s my artwork. I’m an artist and I’ve a creative outlet. And that’s why, that means a lot.’
Ian Eastwood

‘When I started dancing, it really helped build my confidence and helped me get over my shyness.’
Mariel Martin

‘I felt a calling, and I think the calling was that this was what I was supposed to be doing.’
Keone Madrid

‘If I’m home alone, I just dance.. it was like I went into another place, and no one has to know about it, it’s my own little secret.’
Harry Shum, Jr.

‘..that’s what dancing does to people, it just gives them an incredible feeling. And I just love that, I give a piece of me to the world.’
Jamaica Craft

‘If my dance had to say one thing, it would be to let love lead. It’s a platform to say everything that I have to say and express. That’s a beautiful thing.’

‘I make this character where I’m essentially an android that is programmed to move to the music. When I dance, my mind goes blank and I let the music tell me what to do.’
Madd Chadd

‘I think dance is definitely a release of emotions.. it’s so incredible to release my soul to the world.’
Kayla Radomski

‘I love to dance because it makes me feel happy when I make other people happy.’
Baby Boogaloo

‘Dancing was my only language that I ever spoke.. dance was the only thing I ever got right, and it’s still been what has made me get everything else right.’
Brian Friedman

‘..when you’re deep in the moment of dance, none of that stuff exists and time just slips away.’
Wade Robson

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